Christine has been a theatrical and event stage manager in the UK and beyond for 12 years, and enjoys pulling serious faces while doing it in the hope that nobody finds out how much fun she's having and tells her to get a real job. 


Propmaking still doesn't feed the crafty beast within, so she's often gluing, knitting and stitching things at home too, and she's always loved Fantasy books. 


Quite new to DnD, she was brought into the fold by Dan de Cruz. At the time they were working on an Actor Musician show where he was navigating a space ship with a keyboard and she was cuing lights, sound and SFX, making sure the space monster didn't catch fire and land on him. As he survived, he invited her to a game where she met Sean and Ryan Scott, and after a handful of games they're firm friends.


She's hoping that with a fellow newbie on board anybody new to DnD will feel included and welcome to be a part of the journey into Erionwel.