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Welcome to a new Tabletop RPG Experience...

You take Six Naughty Friends so tight they're practically bursting!


Mix in a DM with Soulsborne combat and a penchant for the rules!


And an epic World full of diversity and magic...


...and you are starting to understand what makes BLOOD & SONG so godsdarn special!

Take a thrilling and spiritual journey through a world inspired by the mystery and diversity of The Silk Road

Join a colourful cast of characters and their intense foes in a homespun world built on the engine of D&D 5e 

cast and crew


Value Statement:

Collaboration, co-operation, fun, hard work, energy, love and passion. Respect, humility, discussion. Openness, creativity, boldness. Leaving it all on the table. Being ourselves.

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Blood and Song, the B&S logo and all art and music contained therein are Copyright of Blood and Song.

All rights reserved.